Breaking news coverage of the 2014 Israel Gaza War. I was the correspondent for the first 9 segments of the series, as well as the field producer for segments 2, 3, and 9 in Gaza. 


On June 12, three Israeli teens were kidnapped while hitchhiking through the West Bank city of Hebron. In response, the Israeli army launched a severe crackdown in the West Bank, arresting hundreds of Palestinians.


The death toll in Gaza continues to grow as both the Israeli military and Palestinian militants show no signs of backing down. VICE News spent a few days in Gaza City surveying the damage and seeing how local residents were coping with the continuous barrage from the air and from the sea.


Hamas and other militant groups have been raining crude rockets into Israel since Operation Protective Edge launched last week -- more than 1,000 at last count. Thanks to the Israeli missile defense system known as Iron Dome, few have struck targets and there has been one confirmed Israeli casualty.


On the night of July 2, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, a 16-year old Palestinian from the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat, was abducted and killed by a group of right-wing extremist Israelis.


On July 17, Israel launched a ground invasion of Gaza after pummeling the strip for nearly 10 days with airstrikes and shelling. The stated goal? To cripple Hamas, destroy underground supply lines, and stop militants from firing rockets into Israel.


As the Israeli bombardment and invasion of the Gaza strip continues -- and militants continue to launch crude rockets into Israel -- there's relative quiet in the other Palestinian territory, the West Bank.


For a few years, a young radical group of Israeli settlers in the West Bank have committed random acts of violence and vandalization against Palestinians and their property to make them pay the price for affronting their way of life.


On Sunday, the Israeli military carried out the single deadliest offensive in its nearly three-week assault on Gaza, killing as many as 100 Palestinians in the neighborhood of Shejaiya.


Israel's military offensive, Operation Protective Edge, is now in its fourth week. More than 1,200 Palestinians and 50 Israelis have been killed, and the fighting shows little sign of letting up. The majority of those killed in Gaza have been civilians, with many strikes hitting schools, homes, and hospitals.