I'm a freelance correspondent, producer and writer that focuses on conflict, crime and politics. I've worked in both print and video on breaking news quick hits and long form features, reporting from Trinidad and Tobago, the Central African Republic, Myanmar, Thailand, Liberia, Rwanda, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Israel, the Occupied Territories, and all over the United States covering everything from the 2016 campaign trail to the Ferguson riots.

Most recently, I worked in development for a Netflix documentary series called Remastered. Currently I am on a 3 month stint with AJPlus's Stories unit. 

As one of the first hires at Vice News, I helped launch the vertical and pioneered the dispatches format it become known for, first in the Central Africa Republic (which we turned into a film) and then in the 2014 Israel Gaza War and ISIS Mosul takeover. I also made a film about Ebola people seemed to really like that won a 2015 Webby, and later went back to make a film about the origins of the outbreak for HBO.

I’ve focused a lot on Iraq and Syria. I was one of the few journalists to report from the besieged city of Kobane. I wrote this piece for Esquire on spending time with the Syrian rebels in 2013, which is still one of my favorite things I’ve written. I interviewed Al Qaeda face to face on the same trip, and recently returned to the region to report on the Mosul offensive. 

Prior to working for Vice, I mostly worked for the Wall Street Journal, where I covered and broke news on big national stories like the Sandy Hook Massacre and the Boston Bombing. I also freelanced overseas and was a 2013 Ford Fellow at the International Center for Journalists with a focus on Muslims in Myanmar. I returned in 2016 to make a film for Vice News that exposed UN inaction with leaked internal documents

I’ve appeared on MSNBC, BBC, France 24, Sky News, NY 1 and other outlets to discuss my work, and regularly speak on panels about new media, freelancing, and war reporting. I’m a member of the Frontline Freelance Register and have done certified Hostile Environments and Emergency First Aid Training, as well as participated in RISC. I earned a Masters with a focus on International Reporting from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. 

I’m currently based in Brooklyn and available for freelance work. I can be reached at dgold0101@gmail.com